”We do not know all that you experience in a day working with elders with diminished physical and cognitive skills. But we know what we experience on intermittent visits and are ever grateful for the privilege of having Rose in your care in your home. Every single element of your service is perfect, from having your children present, your loving and respectful family environment, festive gatherings at holidays and maintaining a meticulous home - to seeing you interact with Rose and the other residents. We all appreciate the service you provide.

Hal and Mary Schaffer

“My luck turned for the positive when I called and Sandy had an opening. We visited her home and met her family. Her house was spotless, we met the residents and saw how they were taken care of. It was just what we were looking for. Someone who cares with their heart! For anyone looking for a wonderful place for one of their family, 'Boundless Care for the Elderly' is the place to go.

Gary and Ruth Zeiders